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3. How You Must Behave

While Web-logging, Studgers will compose posts using proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. They will address the GRIMs as “Ms.” or “Mr.” as appropriate. Posts that display substandard English or discourtesy may be struck out or, repeated offenses, eradicated from the moderation queue.

At their keyboards, Studgers will maintain proper, upright posture and refrain from

  • chewing gum;
  • consuming carbonated beverages;
  • consuming noncarbonated beverages;
  • consuming chocolate in any form;
  • singing;
  • fidgeting.

They will also observe the Filboid Studge dress code:

  • Girls will wear neat blouses, skirts an inch below the knee, knee socks no more than an inch below that.
  • Boys will wear clean shirts, crisply creased slacks, and bow ties (sober colors only).


  • jeans or overalls;
  • T-shirts;
  • sandals and open-toed shoes;
  • nonprescriptive sunglasses;
  • hats;
  • clothing that exposes armpits;
  • clothing that exposes bare back or midriff;
  • see-through clothing;
  • clothing with loud prints, bright stripes, or colors other than grey and approved shades of brown or black;
  • clothing with logos, pictures, designs, or any distinguishing attributes;
  • accessories with protruding metal spikes;
  • other accessories.

Complete handbooks containing codes of conduct for Filboid Studge and Studge Academy will be posted by the end of the week. Suffice it to say that children will be expected to behave as miniature adults, and that overt displays of frivolity will not be tolerated. On any threads pertaining to Studge Academy, students will be expected to observe the following behavioral norms:

1. Exercise self-control
• Use courteous language.
• Resolve conflicts in an age-appropriate manner.
• Be appropriately dressed and groomed, and otherwise comply with the school’s dress code policies.
• Be honest.
• Make choices that are ethically and morally responsible.

2. Demonstrate a positive attitude
• Take a leadership role.
• Be polite.
• Be cooperative.

3. Respect the rights and feelings of others
• Behave in a manner that does not disrupt others.
• Treat others with courtesy and respect.

4. Take responsibility for school property
• Respect the school buildings, ground and property.
• Keep the campus free from trash and graffiti.

5. Support the learning process
• Attend all classes regularly and on time.
• Be prepared for class, including books, supplies and assignments.
• Complete schoolwork and tests on one’s own.
• Participate in class activities.
• Obey classroom policies.

Studge Academy students are expected to observe these codes of behavior in the classroom, on the playground, in the tea room, and in the hallways.

In the cafeteria:
• Walk quietly to and from the cafeteria.
• Say “thank you” as you receive your tray.
• Sit at assigned tables, and stay seated while eating.
• Speak in a conversational tone of voice.
• Keep table and floor neat.
• Wait for teacher on duty to dismiss each table.
• Finish lunch in the cafeteria.
• Empty your tray according to procedure.

In hallways:
• Keep your hands off other persons in the hall.
• Walk in the halls.

  • Studgers are expected to treat all people with consideration and respect. Treat others with the same respect and dignity as you would have others treat you. Fighting, pushing, shoving, tripping, kicking, biting and rough horse-play are not acceptable student behaviors.
  • Studgers are expected to be honest in their relations with other Studgers and Administrators. Lying, stealing and cheating are forms of dishonesty and as such are unacceptable behaviors.
  • Studgers’ language will be such that it shows respect for staff and students. Name calling, swearing, crude, rude and obscene language spoken, written, implied or gestured are unacceptable.
  • Posts with offensive words, slogans or pictures are considered inappropriate; any comments that promote alcohol, drugs or tobacco products are inappropiate on the Web log. Hats are to be removed while you are on Studge Academy threads. Coats and outside footwear are to be removed and carried to lockers.

In short, all participants in this Web log are expected
to “blog” regularly and conform to the rules and policies of Filboid Studge;
to participate willingly in their own learning;
to respect others’ safety and well being;
to be accountable for their behavior and responsive to related consequences; and
to participate in creating a safe, positive “on-line” environment conducive to learning.