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The April Random Thread


Improving conversation about subjects that interest you.

Before joining in, please familiarize yourself with What You Must Know and How You Must Behave.



  1. Luna the Lovely wrote:

    Wow, this is fun looking…Off to read all the stuffs (like What I must know and How I must behave :wink: ). This proves to be a much more entertaining diversion for the nest 30 minutes than watching yesterday’s missed chemistry lecture….Less productive, I’m sure, but much more entertaining

    First post?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:05 am | Permalink
  2. In our opinion, there has been far too much emphasis on “fun” around here. First things first. Attend to your chemistry!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:09 am | Permalink
  3. Luna the Lovely wrote:

    2-*sniff* Too late for that! I shall attend it later today. I must print out a new outline for it, anyway, and haven’t the time now.

    Oh, and by the way, my dear Ekoeli (and I just realized that is E. Coli, lol–and sorry for the chatspeak, but the lol smiley has been destroyed…), I have been sorted into your house. And am committed to breaking rules…

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:24 am | Permalink
  4. You will address Mr. Morgrool as Mr. Morgrool, please. And considering your advanced age, you should be setting a better example for your fellow Studgers.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:26 am | Permalink
  5. Luna the Lovely wrote:

    Advanced age?!?!?! I shall have you know, I am only 19. And given that you darling GRIMs know not how to spell GAPA, nor that it was the Hare and Hedgepig, how is it that you come to know that I am one of the older MBers of yore?

    And I do believe I am setting an excellent example: play first, study later. You are only young once. Enjoy it while it lasts. Never do to day what can be put off until tomorrow. Unless it’s fun. Then do it today, and tomorrow as well.

    But still make sure to maintain good grades, and respect those deserving of respect, or you will not have a good adult life, etc, etc. (There, see? Something helpful…)

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:31 am | Permalink
  6. Cinnamoon wrote:

    Ms. Snorgswattle, may inquire as to what, exactly, the Filboid Studge company does?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:32 am | Permalink
  7. Errata wrote:

    Hello. This is almost purely for discovering whose house I am in, so as to discover exactly how to annoy my leader show my leader proper respect.
    (Did the strikes work? I never tried them before… *crosses fingers*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:39 am | Permalink
  8. Errata wrote:

    Apologies for posting twice in a row.
    I am a Snortswagle. Snortswattle, I am deeply sorry for my blunder. Why! I made yet another mistake! Ms. Snorgswattle. There we go. I shall go repeat the name a hundred times to ensure I remember it.
    Snorgswattle Snorgswattle Snorgswattle…

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:43 am | Permalink
  9. Errata wrote:

    Oh, and at risk of in order to post thrice in a row, I tell Luna that her later advice has nothing interesting in it, and her earlier advice is much better. I add, Never take responsibility, Always blame somebody else, Be careful to spill your food, Be completely sloppy, and never, ever behave.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:55 am | Permalink
  10. Naturally, as administrators we are privy to your admissions papers, which suggest that chronologically speaking, you are one of the older Studgers and thereby expected to exhibit greater maturity. Of course, for the same reason you have been deprived of our tutelage for too long. But I am always an optimist, in spite of my pessimistic nature, and believe that no child is beyond our reach.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:57 am | Permalink
  11. Cat's Meow wrote:

    Heya, GRIMS! I’m sorry to say that I’ve already broken your dress code, because my pajama pants have brightly colored whales on them. If only they were faded gray and muddy white! :(

    Haha, anybody remember the rebellion against DisneyBlog last year at the H&H? That, my friends, was fun.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 12:06 pm | Permalink
  12. Errata wrote:

    I feel the GRIMMs are ignoring me. And I have never yet had a striken post. I shall have to remedy this. *sets up numerous traps involving eggs, water, cockroaches, pits full of plastic snakes, and other nasties*

    Well, that was fun. I should return to school, but I cannot help but stay here and annoy GAPAs. ::D:

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 12:09 pm | Permalink
  13. Errata wrote:

    That didn’t work, how do you do smilies? Oh, just like this? :D Did that work? Anyway, insert smiley at end of last post.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 12:09 pm | Permalink
  14. Cat's Meow wrote:

    Okay, 12:06pm, huh? 1+2+0+6=9, so I must be a Snorgswattle! Wheee!

    Hey, any other Snorgswattles on here? We should throw a wickedly awesome party for all of the new members. ;)

    [A moment of silence would suffice. -- U.S.]

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 12:17 pm | Permalink
  15. Errata wrote:

    I am a Snorgswattle. Two already! I believe we are the house with the most members so far. Yes, we should. Perhaps we should ask the GRIMs for instructions on how to throw a Studge-approved party. Is there such a thing?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 12:21 pm | Permalink
  16. Cat's Meow wrote:

    15 – Who cares if it’s Studge-approved? Let’s par-tay. ;^)

    GRIMS! I have noticed something terrible. Surely randomness is not condoned by thyselves, however this thread is supposed to inspire conversation about “subjects that interest you”. I am quite certain that those are not approved discussion topics!

    I insist you remedy this at once.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 12:26 pm | Permalink
  17. Koppar wrote:

    Oh dear. These “Sludge” people are asking me to do things I can’t. *eats bar of dark chocolate* *slouches over keyboard* So, now I’m going to be rebellious and sing the unofficial Coontz House song, out of loyalty to the GAPAs.
    The Uruk-hai Marching Song
    Here we come, now you die,
    We’re the fighting Uruk-hai
    And our soldiers are marching along!
    Rip and tear, maul and crush,
    Slice our en-e-mies to mush
    As our soldiers go marching along!
    So it’s KILL! KILL! KILL!
    It gives us such a thrill.
    Our numbers, you know, are thousands strong.
    And we just can’t wait
    To maim and desecrate
    As our soldiers come marching along!!

    Is pie-throwing outlawed? What about reading books by J.R.R. Tolkien? What about speaking in Elvish? Does “cake” count as bad language? :idea: ((Please work, O Hot-Pink Bunny Smiley, evil though thou art. For thou art the emblem of the MuseBlog, which mine eyes rejoice to see.))

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 12:47 pm | Permalink
  18. Cat's Meow wrote:

    17 – I can’t remember the Spector House Song, although it’s the one that Alice, IBCF, and I sang during our Kokon. I think POSOC wrote it, but I don’t really remember how it went. :oops:

    Anybody want to help me throw a party for all of the new Studgers?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 12:51 pm | Permalink
  19. Luna the Lovely wrote:

    18–I’ll help with a party! As an older, mature, “responsible” member, I shall make sure that the party is perfectly up to Studge standards. Lots of fizzy beverages, chocolate, and only brightly colored clothing that is completely casual (and against dress code) shall be allowed.

    Anything goes. Anybody behaving in a boring, dull, or GRIM-like banner shall be kicked out in the name of fun.

    Whadda ya say?

    [do you know, I am having more fun on here than I've had on MB in awhile. Don't get me wrong, MB is wonderful, but this, this awesomeness inspires delightful scheming rebellion, which makes my poor heart rejoice. Of course, I'm sure it will be nice when dear Robert gets MB back up and de-virused, as well, but in the mean time? This beats MA.]

    Oh,hey, I’m inventing a new kind of point: First Post points. I’ve racked up quite a few today, having posted first on every thread on here that I know of, except the tearoom, where our dear umbilical cord posted first, because the menu was a post….Must add ‘em up.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:08 pm | Permalink
  20. Cat's Meow wrote:

    19 – Okay, sounds fun! Should we start setting up in the Tearoom?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:16 pm | Permalink
  21. bookgirl_me wrote:

    My definition of neatness is the following:

    Opposite of chaos, but you still can’t find anything ’cause you have to remember how you oganized it.

    My definition of hard work:

    Stuff you have to do when you can’t think of a good excuse, which is perfectly acceptable a few times a year but DON’T DO THIS ALL THE TIME !”, since
    a) it’s really tiring
    b) you´ll feel really stupid when everyone else parties and you sit and do much more work than nessecary and get a fractional amount of extra credit,which, in retrospect, isn’t worth it.

    Hmmm… I just eanted to mention one thing. There’s a Vienna slang saying:
    The older the school, the wilder the pranks…

    The school rules don’t prohibit pranks, so I’ll make the prank grid and “muhaha” start planning… :twisted:

    Today, at my real school, we pranked our german teacher by collecting newspaper, ripping out the pages then taping them together into a big sheet and guleing the sheet inside the doorframe, hoping the teacher would come in fast and not notice it until it was to late. Unfortunately, she noticed and we’d run out of tape before we could glue it to the side of the doorframe.In the end, those who had made it walked through it themselves on pourpose to see how it felt.

    The second prank was to tape a cellphone with the song “Right ’round” as ringtone to the top of the hanging lamps near the celing and call it- it went off a total of four times, but we were stooped from singing along by the glare of our teacher, who accepted pranks “in moderation.”

    We also tried to change the clock to be five minutes early, but N. broke it while taking it ddown and it worked for several minutes, then stopped, making it rather contraproductive.

    One of the best “pranks” was played on our latin teacher.She was passing out worksheets, and A.hid his and said he hadn’t got one, telling the teacher: “How could you forget about me !” The teacher gave him another one, reassuring him that he was quite memorable. A few minutes later A. came to the teacher again and asked for the sheet. The teacher gave him a total of four sheets without noticing it, and since A. was stopped by us (his classmates) from asking for more, we will never know how many she would have given him without noticing it, though the estimates are around seven since that was the number of students absent, to whom we have neglected to mention that we’d changed our prank plan from cutting school and going shoping to staying in school and annoying the teachers.

    Oh, and the chemistry teacher turned up in sunglasses for “no apparent reason”, even though it was very cloudy.

    Now I’ll enroll, since I wanted to say all that before I did as not to get suspended.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:23 pm | Permalink
  22. Luna the Lovely wrote:


    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:24 pm | Permalink
  23. Luna the Lovely wrote:

    I posted first on 5 of 6 (obvious) threads on here, and ten “hidden” ones. I posted first twice on the hidden ones, but for some reason the evil GRIMs saw fit to zap them all times. Not sure why. I was totally on topic. *is confuzzled*

    So, by all rights, I should have 15 FP points.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:29 pm | Permalink
  24. Cat's Meow wrote:

    21 – I’m on Spring Break today, so I didn’t get a chance to go to school. =[

    One time, in fourth grade, my teacher went on a cruise for the entire first week of April. That poor substitute!

    Actually, I’m a little glad not to have had school today, because A might have found use for the cheese she’s been rotting in my locker for a month.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:30 pm | Permalink
  25. Cat's Meow wrote:


    23 – “Hidden” threads?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:31 pm | Permalink
  26. Koppar wrote:

    11- DisneyBlog? They do this every year???? And you mentioned a rebellion….Details, please.
    17- I’ll help! I’ll help!!
    Excuse me, GRIMs, but you failed to cross out my extremely rebellious post. Or answer any of my questions, for that matter. I’m also not on “Who Is Here”.
    23- Hidden threads?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:31 pm | Permalink
  27. Cat's Meow wrote:

    25 – Yeah, pretty much. Last year MuseBlog was totally Disney-fied. I bet we could call upon our old friends to liven up StudgeBlog if we really wanted to.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:41 pm | Permalink
  28. Luna the Lovely wrote:

    25–Yes, 10. Although once you hit upon the first, the others are obvious. I’m very miffed, though, as to why both times I first posted (legitimately!) on ‘em, the GRIMs zapped….

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:45 pm | Permalink
  29. Cat's Meow wrote:

    28 – What are they about? How do you get to them?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:49 pm | Permalink
  30. Mr. Bookworm wrote:

    Praytell,where are the hidden threads?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:52 pm | Permalink
  31. Miss Lovely has been poking around in the lumber room, thereby earning herself and her house 50 demerits. Do not do likewise, Miss Meow and Mr. Bookworm. Posts sent from utility threads are automatically classified as spam.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 1:52 pm | Permalink
  32. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    29, 30–I shan’t show you exactly where. They are easily accessible from the homepage. As any good link should, the mouse turns into a hand when you pass over ‘em.

    Theyr’e really not about anything, per se…You’ll understand when you get there.

    31–E. Coli, my dear friend. I do thank you very much for the 50 demerits. However, I do not see why you insisted upon removing my posts on the dear hidden threads.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 2:00 pm | Permalink
  33. Mr. Bookworm wrote:

    Miss Luna, are you referring to the threads of blocks and such? Mr Morgrool doesn’t want us to go there, for it is not a nice place. Why do you undermine his authority as a GRIM?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 2:05 pm | Permalink
  34. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    33–Shush. Don’t go spilling secrets to everyone. They’re supposed to learn these things on there own. And of course it is that of which I speak. I undermine E. Coli’s authority, because I have no need of such nasty things as diseases. By being all prim and proper, the GRIMs have instantly created a thread of anarchy, as we all refuse to submit to their every whim. If they even ahve whims. They are the equivalent of Dolores Jane Umbridge, and worthy of no more respect than she. Don’t worry, when they come back as GAPAs, I will love them and respect them just as much as before. For now? I having too much fun.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 2:13 pm | Permalink
  35. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    So. I sent an email this morning requesting history notes from yesterday’s lecture as I was unable to attend (on an airplane), and I’ve got four emails w/ notes already. If I said this already, sorry… I should have enough to compose a decent set of notes for the lecture, although I still feel like I’m not getting as much as if I’d been there. I don’t be notes wise, just that I get so much more out of it when I actually am there and listening to my prof talk.

    My mom got me this awesomely wonderful little Potter book bag for my b-day. It arrived yesterday, before I got back to schoo. It’s this sort of navy green, and has the Dumbledore’s Army emblem on it. ’tis really cool and awesome. I absolutely love it. It is, as a Potter thing, absolutely splendiferous and flamablamablous.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 2:45 pm | Permalink
  36. purplefinch wrote:

    This is brilliant. Horrible, but brilliant. :D

    I’ll just go and sing very loudly, or perhaps put on some overalls and a hat.
    “Yo! Where did the Gappas go?”

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 2:51 pm | Permalink
  37. Vendaval wrote:

    Hello fellow students.
    It is almost a pleasure to join you here at Filboid Studge.
    26- Although I do detect both excessive exclamation and interrogation in your post, I shall do my best to aid a classmate. Museblog had a long tradition of unproductive pranks that almost always interrupted the learning process. And the music! Oh the horror!

    34- Do you refer to the categorical archives?

    Required reading:
    Roal Dahl (specifically the autobiographical).

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 2:54 pm | Permalink
  38. Vendaval wrote:

    Oh dear, please forgive me, enlightened GRIMs! I have misspelled Mr. Dahl’s name. His surname is correct, but his given name is “Roald

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 2:59 pm | Permalink
  39. Syllabub wrote:

    I was expecting something like this to happen. I am most sorry to say that all of the clothes I OWN break the dress code! :razz:

    Hmm, I wonder what a pie smiley looks like…. :arrow: :!:

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:06 pm | Permalink
  40. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    38–no, no, I don’t believe so.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:07 pm | Permalink
  41. Vixen's Moon wrote:

    I am very pleased to see that things have finally stepped up around here. It is wonderful that there will be no more sloppiness, and the absolute voidness of colour on this page makes this page much easier on my eyes than before.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:15 pm | Permalink
  42. Sunrunner Bramblewood wrote:

    On a completely un-fun note, I just got to watch ‘Supersize Me’, for my school’s wellness day. Let me assure you, Mr. Morgrool and Ms. Snorgswattle, that it was not fun at all. Education was the name of the game today.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:28 pm | Permalink
  43. nolagirl7 wrote:

    This is absolutely lovely! I’m delighted!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:31 pm | Permalink
  44. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    I told my sister to come visit, to see the awesomeness the blog had been transformed into….She didn’t seem impressed. She told me: “I really am not into deciphering crazy mb speech and it’s not all that interesting to me.” & “your crazy properness drives me nuts”

    I am laughing so hard. My sis is clearly not a born MBer.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:34 pm | Permalink
  45. Mr. Beavo wrote:

    “LOL”, as the youngsters these days say.

    I’d just like to make a statement that I not only find this Studgery extremely valuable to our online community, I beleive we should imply it on the entire world. Any politicial willing to uphold this philosophy as his main platform will have my vote.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:41 pm | Permalink
  46. Kokonilly wrote:

    I looked at this and thought – What happened? AAAHHHH!

    Then I remembered that it was April Fool’s Day. ;)

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:45 pm | Permalink
  47. the mole wrote:

    I was not here last april, so is this a thing for the year of random celebrations or just a april fools joke?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:45 pm | Permalink
  48. Kokonilly wrote:

    All of the smileys are the same as :| !!!


    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:46 pm | Permalink
  49. Vendaval wrote:

    40- Yes, I checked.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:47 pm | Permalink
  50. Logogeo96 wrote:

    Yo, Studgys!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:48 pm | Permalink
  51. A most noble undertaking, Mr. Beavo. We heartily approve. Good to see that sort of farsighted vision in one so young. I commend you.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:49 pm | Permalink
  52. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    40–My apologies. I meant post 37. I do not believe that my hidden threads are the archives.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:51 pm | Permalink
  53. Brown Pan wrote:

    Hello, Studgers!

    I am Brown Pan. Before I started attending Studge Academy, I was Purple Panda; however, I have now taken up the name Brown Pan, because it is much more suited to life as a Studger. Purple is not “sober,” as the GRIMs would say, and Pans are much more appropriate than Pandas.

    Today, I woke up at an early hour and took a cold shower. I was fully intending to take a warm shower, I must admit, but it seems that that isn’t even an option here at Studge Academy. I had English, Spanish, and Physics class today, and they were all very difficult. I also enjoyed a nice afternoon of writing studio, in which I revised a ten-minute play about an Indian sweatshop.

    Farewell for now,
    Brown Pan

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:54 pm | Permalink
  54. Cocoa Pills wrote:

    Hello, Brown Pan! I myself was Kokonilly only a short while ago, then realized that neither ‘koko’ nor ‘nilly’ are sober, therefore it should be changed. While cocoa-flavored pills are hardly any better, I do believe it will go overlooked.

    Now, I must leave to write a script.

    Good-bye for now.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 4:05 pm | Permalink
  55. I can't fit my name! wrote:

    Perhaps I shall go to the campus counselor and tell en how I feel about that.

    Or not.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 4:27 pm | Permalink
  56. Kagcomix wrote:

    Oh ho ho. I realize, as one must, that the revered GRIMs will, most likely, cross out any merriment in my post. I am enjoying this change greatly. The colours may, perhaps be rather dull and hard on the eyes, but I am sure I will soon adjust. I am to write a standard Canadian literacy test to-morrow morning. I need no wishes of good luck as it will be a ridiculous waste of my time; the test, that is, not one’s wishes of good luck.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 4:29 pm | Permalink
  57. Errata wrote:

    I am Errata, to symbolize the many errors I make in my schooling, and encourage me to improve. I share your love of the Filboid Studge, although I miss BA:TNG. Unfortunately, my request for roleplays has gone unanswered. It seems that the GRIMs have better things to do. *coughcriticizeallofuscough*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 4:34 pm | Permalink
  58. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    I made a Wordle for the thread. The largest (most used) word is “Must”. Imagine that. Behave is also quite large (as are all the words that appear).


    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 4:40 pm | Permalink
  59. TNÖ wrote:

    Oh, what fun. Shall we frolic in the fields of black-and-white dullness, singing happy funeral songs, and delighting in our dreadful run-on sentences as the GIRMs who cannot spell GAPA chase after us in dismay, calling for us to stop?
    I think we shall. *does so*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 4:47 pm | Permalink
  60. kiwimuncher (2 B-Day points) wrote:

    OMG. That all I can think to say.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 4:56 pm | Permalink
  61. Errata wrote:

    I believe it’s spelled GRIMs, although I shall have to check… Yes indeed. GIRMs invokes images of germs. Excuse me for any bad metal images that may have created.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:07 pm | Permalink
  62. Flowery Smitings wrote:

    Hello, I’m Flowery. I was known as Tetrahydrofuran on the Muse Blog.

    I found this story online. It was written by “Saki” (Hector Hugh Munro) and it is called “Filboid Studge, The Story Of A Mouse That Helped”

    “I want to marry your daughter,” said Mark Spayley with faltering eagerness. “I am only an artist with an income of two hundred a year, and she is the daughter of an enormously wealthy man, so I suppose you will think my offer a piece of presumption.”

    Duncan Dullamy, the great company inflator, showed no outward sign of displeasure. As a matter of fact, he was secretly relieved at the prospect of finding even a two-hundred-a-year husband for his daughter Leonore. A crisis was rapidly rushing upon him, from which he knew he would emerge with neither money nor credit; all his recent ventures had fallen flat, and flattest of all had gone the wonderful new breakfast food, Pipenta, on the advertisement of which he had sunk such huge sums. It could scarcely be called a drug in the market; people bought drugs, but no one bought Pipenta.

    “Would you marry Leonore if she were a poor man’s daughter?” asked the man of phantom wealth.

    “Yes,” said Mark, wisely avoiding the error of over-protestation. And to his astonishment Leonore’s father not only gave his consent, but suggested a fairly early date for the wedding.

    “I wish I could show my gratitude in some way,” said Mark with genuine emotion. “I’m afraid it’s rather like the mouse proposing to help the lion.”

    “Get people to buy that beastly muck,” said Dullamy, nodding savagely at a poster of the despised Pipenta, “and you’ll have done more than any of my agents have been able to accomplish.”

    “It wants a better name,” said Mark reflectively, “and something distinctive in the poster line. Anyway, I’ll have a shot at it.”

    Three weeks later the world was advised of the coming of a new breakfast food, heralded under the resounding name of “Filboid Studge.” Spayley put forth no pictures of massive babies springing up with fungus-like rapidity under its forcing influence, or of representatives of the leading nations of the world scrambling with fatuous eagerness for its possession. One huge sombre poster depicted the Damned in Hell suffering a new torment from their inability to get at the Filboid Studge which elegant young fiends held in transparent bowls just beyond their reach. The scene was rendered even more gruesome by a subtle suggestion of the features of leading men and women of the day in the portrayal of the Lost Souls; prominent individuals of both political parties, Society hostesses, well-known dramatic authors and novelists, and distinguished aeroplanists were dimly recognizable in that doomed throng; noted lights of the musical- comedy stage flickered wanly in the shades of the Inferno, smiling still from force of habit, but with the fearsome smiling rage of baffled effort. The poster bore no fulsome allusions to the merits of the new breakfast food, but a single grim statement ran in bold letters along its base: “They cannot buy it now.”

    Spayley had grasped, the fact that people will do things from a sense of duty which they would never attempt as a pleasure. There are thousands of respectable middle-class men who, if you found them unexpectedly in a Turkish bath, would explain in all sincerity that a doctor had ordered them to take Turkish baths; if you told them in return that you went there because you liked it, they would stare in pained wonder at the frivolity of your motive. In the same way, whenever a massacre of Armenians is reported from Asia Minor, every one assumes that it has been carried out “under orders ” from somewhere or another, no one seems to think that there are people who might LIKE to kill their neighbours now and then.

    And so it was with the new breakfast food. No one would have eaten Filboid Studge as a pleasure, but the grim austerity of its advertisement drove housewives in shoals to the grocers’ shops to clamour for an immediate supply. In small kitchens solemn pig- tailed daughters helped depressed mothers to perform the primitive ritual of its preparation. On the breakfast-tables of cheerless parlours it was partaken of in silence. Once the womenfolk discovered that it was thoroughly unpalatable, their zeal in forcing it on their households knew no bounds. “You haven’t eaten your Filboid Studge!” would be screamed at the appetiteless clerk as he hurried weariedly from the breakfast-table, and his evening meal would be prefaced by a warmed-up mess which would be explained as “your Filboid Studge that you didn’t eat this morning.” Those strange fanatics who ostentatiously mortify themselves, inwardly and outwardly, with health biscuits and health garments, battened aggressively on the new food. Earnest spectacled young then devoured it on the steps of the National Liberal Club. A bishop who did not believe in a future state preached against the poster, and a peer’s daughter died from eating too much of the compound. A further advertisement was obtained when an infantry regiment mutinied and shot its officers rather than eat the nauseous mess; fortunately, Lord Birrell of Blatherstone, who was War Minister at the moment, saved the situation by his happy epigram, that “Discipline to be effective must be optional.”

    Filboid Studge had become a household word, but Dullamy wisely realized that it was not necessarily the last word in breakfast dietary; its supremacy would be challenged as soon as some yet more unpalatable food should be put on the market. There might even be a reaction in favour of something tasty and appetizing, and the Puritan austerity of the moment might be banished from domestic cookery. At an opportune moment, therefore, he sold out his interests in the article which had brought him in colossal wealth at a critical juncture, and placed his financial reputation beyond the reach of cavil. As for Leonore, who was now an heiress on a far greater scale than ever before, he naturally found her something a vast deal higher in the husband market than a two- hundred-a-year poster designer. Mark Spayley, the brainmouse who had helped the financial lion with such untoward effect, was left to curse the day he produced the wonder-working poster.

    “After all,” said Clovis, meeting him shortly afterwards at his club, “you have this doubtful consolation, that ’tis not in mortals to countermand success.”

    It is a good story, I think. Most suitable for a toddler at bedtime.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:11 pm | Permalink
  63. Jakob Wonkychair wrote:

    I remembered that it was April Fools Day, but totally forgot that Muse would probobly do something.
    Hoora- Oops, I mean, celebrations. Dullness. What fun. dull font. grey ‘n black. Stugderiness.
    But does this mean that the GAPAs have annihilated the virus from MuseBlog? When I checked earlier it linked me to MuseAcademy and the Studgeriness wasn’t there.
    Oh well. I’ll go play computer gam- I mean do some homework now.
    Did I break some rules in this post? Oh well again. Who car- I mean I am deeply sorry I will never disrupt the dullness again. Maybe.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:12 pm | Permalink
  64. POSOC wrote:

    Hey- er, I mean Salutations. It is certainly lovely weather today, is it not? Hey, wanna buy a pie? Cherry, banana cream, fresh from the oven in the cellar! Best you’ll- NOTHING!!!
    Pardon me.
    No, simply engaging in some improving cookery.
    Certainly not, ma’am. No pastries are involved. Oatmeal and bread, yes, ma’am.
    Thank you, ma’am. My apologies. I shall continue my constitutional now. Meet me behind the storage shed! I’ll- Yes, ma’am, I know it’s rude to whisper. My apologies. Good day.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:15 pm | Permalink
  65. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    62–Poor Spayley.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:23 pm | Permalink
  66. Alice wrote:

    My, my! How… proper. And vaguely Dickensian, yay!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:36 pm | Permalink
  67. Alice wrote:

    I am a Snorgswattle. What fun!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:36 pm | Permalink
  68. Kiki the Great wrote:

    Fun! This is pretty awesome! NOT, lol. Ugh but I can’t find my cat. What’s up with that?

    Well, at least this is better than the bunnies!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:44 pm | Permalink
  69. Granite Basalt wrote:

    Hello, Studgers! I’m known as RoseQuartz on MuseBlog, but here I decided on a more somber name to do with geology. I’m currently procrastinating working on the thesis paragraph I need to write for English tomorrow. And I’m about to start work on my Math review packet. And several book-work thingies that I missed when I was sick. Wow, I’ve basically been sick for a month… :neutral: That was actually intended to BE a :neutral: . Let’s see the other smileys.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:48 pm | Permalink
  70. kiwimuncher (2 B-Day points) wrote:

    63) Wowsers. That an awesome name. :razz:

    I had some wonderful cheese today. Some loverly muenster. The day before, I had some delectable smoked gouda. And last week I had a little Dubliner. But then my Dad, who was SUPPOSED to be on a diet, ate my cheese. I couldn’t believe it. Cheese is absolutely wonderful. It is the one and only thing I think can cheer up our seriousness. :grin: EAT MORE CHEESE!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:53 pm | Permalink
  71. kiwimuncher (2 B-Day points) wrote:

    Eat more cheese NOW! In fact, I declare a Cheese Party! :razz: Even those new pompous Studger GAPAs can’t refuse cheese!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 5:59 pm | Permalink
  72. Granite Basalt wrote:

    Well, 5+4+8=17. 1+7=8. So I’m a Troff. Is that Rosanne? (Sorry, GRIMs.)

    Today, I told my science teacher that I was actually GOING on the class trip. I’m not. It’s three days on the 22nd. You do the math. She was really strung out about the permission forms and room assignments and stuff, sooooo… It was rather hilarious. My Latin teacher and my Art teacher were in on it, but Mr. O’Malley (the Latin teacher) missed it. I am now hailed as “extremely brave.” Mrs. Stewart is rather scary, if I do say so myself.

    The other best prank wasn’t even a prank. The chorus teacher, Mrs. Gregory, was having computer troubles, so several nerds from the bass and tenor sections walked over to help her out. Preston, one of them, walked over singing his favorite theme song: the theme from Top Gun. Which he hasn’t seen. (This is the kid who thought Alaska was next to California.) So Mrs. Gregory says she didn’t ask them to get out of their seats, go sit down now. So Preston goes “Tchhh! Dow now now now now now now now- OW!!!” and falls flat on his face. Graham stuck out his foot and tripped him.

    Sorry, but that WAS hilarious.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:02 pm | Permalink
  73. Í߀ƒ wrote:

    *rushes in loudly, knocking over things and pushing people off their feet* Hey, everyone. I just got back from Seattle…got some cool stuff at a mall. Like my new outfit? *is wearing dark sunglasses, a T-shirt, a baseball cap, and dirty-looking jeans* Oh, and I bought some chocolate and soda for all of you. Thought you might like it. Here, have some. *throws various goodies at people* Oops, didn’t mean to spill that Sprite all over the Persian carpet. Oh well, you can always buy a new one. Heh. |)

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:03 pm | Permalink
  74. Syllabub wrote:


    Sorry GRIMs, I needed to PIE you!!!! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!


    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:11 pm | Permalink
  75. Syllabub wrote:


    *gasp!* The Your comment is awaiting moderation message is still here! A sign of MUSEBLOG!!!!!!!

    Boy, am I hyper tonight. Does that break the rules? *wink*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:13 pm | Permalink
  76. Graystar wrote:

    Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone! I made my website look like it had been taken over by Daleks, and -

    *sees new name, rules, and decor*


    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:14 pm | Permalink
  77. Alice wrote:

    62- How positively appalling!
    65- -winks and nods-
    Of course I wasn’t winking. I’m perfectly solemn, dull, and worthy of the Studge name.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:20 pm | Permalink
  78. Alice wrote:

    Why aren’t my comments being moderated?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:21 pm | Permalink
  79. Granite Basalt wrote:

    LOAD, *bleep* it! LOAD!!!! (NO, of COURSE I didn’t just swear, GRIMs. I’d never STAND for such a thing.)
    WHY WON’T THE *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* THING WORK???????????????
    Sorry, sorry, sorry. The school course website frustrates me.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:26 pm | Permalink
  80. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    76-graystar? Who might you have been on MB? I’ve got this nagging feeling I should know…and it’s bugging me that I can’t place who you would be.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:30 pm | Permalink
  81. Alice wrote:

    80- Graystar would be Rainbowstar, and Granite Basalt RoseQuartz.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:38 pm | Permalink
  82. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    81–*slaps forehead* Oh, of course. I really shouldn’t have needed help figuring that out…. *is slow*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:41 pm | Permalink
  83. Miss Cerulean Pyros wrote:

    Oh, my. This is…different. Love the bricks. The color scheme is very drab-I mean, refreshing.

    I am having an incredible urge to be rebellious. I suppose I already am, seeing as right now I’m wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and my socks don’t match.

    Hm. I know! Let’s all meet in my dorm (if we can fit in it) and have a party! I’ll turn on the radio, and we can use poor grammar, and invite the wungs. The poor wungs deserve a party, since the GRIMs have been trying to evict them. Ooh, and we can eat food that contains sugar, and use fresh teabags!

    Yay! Everyone meet me there, okay?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:43 pm | Permalink
  84. Axa wrote:

    Oh capital, capital!

    76) April Fool’s Day is entirely too Irresponsible in nature to be termed a holiday. Indeed it is sacrilegious to claim such things as a Holy Day. As a Proper Lady I propose it be struck from the calendar and no longer observed while respectable institutions such as Filboid Studge exist.

    Of course all other Proper Ladies ought not Web-Log as it is a practice of ill repute and doubtlessly leads to social degeneracy and loose morals. Gracious! I need my smelling salts.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:44 pm | Permalink
  85. Those of you who are loitering about with nothing to do might do us a favor and check to see whether your name is listed properly on “Who is Here.” Some of you may have been missed during the confusion of intermittent shift changes. Be aware that alphabetizing is by surname, a measure complicated by the fact that some of you don’t have them.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:52 pm | Permalink
  86. Miss Fiddler wrote:

    I apologize for not reading all the posts, but I must say that this is incredible. I came on and used more profanity than was probably necessary, so where should I go for discipline?

    Given the change of general attitude it might not be the best idea to go and boast about the April Fool’s joke we played on our teacher today……….more discipline, I’m afraid. *sigh*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:53 pm | Permalink
  87. Tesseract wrote:

    70/71 – Cheese party! I’ll go get my brie.
    83 – I’m there. In fact, let’s combine that with the cheese party. Don’t even bother with the fresh tea bags, we can have highly caffeinated beverages instead.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 6:55 pm | Permalink
  88. Miss Fiddler wrote:

    Just a question on the uniforms….I’m putting on my properly grey corduroy skirt, a shapeless white blouse and pinning my hair into a bun, but am I allowed to wear my green knee socks? I mean, these things are seriously green, like radioactive looking argyle. Is that okay or should I (horror of horrors) go with bare legs? :shock:

    Sorry GRIMs, but it’s all this poor little hard working girl has. *sniff* gotta make a living somehow, don’t I? (And of course, being the total squares that you are you didn’t catch the reference there…….*is evil*)

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:07 pm | Permalink
  89. Í߀ƒ wrote:

    Huh??? Why does the B in “IBCF” turn into SS? That does it! You can make MuseBlog dull, you can rid us of our souls and creativity, BUT YOU CAN’T MISSPELL MY NAME! I’ll give you proper manners! *hops around on pogo stick and indiscriminately whacks everything in sight with a mallet, and simultaneously plays a loud, frantically sped-up version of dinner music for a pack of hungry cannibals (by Raymond Scott) with stolen trumpets and drums, laughing demonically all the while*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:09 pm | Permalink
  90. Í߀ƒ wrote:

    85- *pauses* Excuse me, but my name isn’t up there, could you please add it? Oh, and sorry if this is a double post. Anyhow… *goes back to causing a general ruckus*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:14 pm | Permalink
  91. kiwimuncher wrote:

    Did the strugers GAPAs seriously just cross out the annoucement of my Cheese party?! :mad: There’s no call for that! It doesn’t matter though! We can have it anyway! *eats cheese* *parties* *wears dark sunglasses*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:15 pm | Permalink
  92. KaiYves wrote:

    I knew there’d be something special for April Fools day. This sure is surprising.

    The space station crew actually played a prank on Mission Control in honor of the day! Mike Fincke, the commander, was supposed to take a blood sample from Micheal Barratt, the flight engineer last night. When Houston called in to ask how it had gone, Fincke went “Wait, I was supposed to take HIS blood? I think we did it backwards…”

    Oh, sorry, I guess we can’t talk about space here. My mistake, GRIMS.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:16 pm | Permalink
  93. Tesseract wrote:

    Despite combing the homepage pretty thoroughly, I’m unable to find any hidden threads. Would a fellow Studger like to point me in the right direction?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:19 pm | Permalink
  94. Mr. Bookworm wrote:

    I am so glad you decided against doing the items in stars in your post, ISSEF. I see they are clearly crossed out, happily. I am very glad the Muse Blog vanished. The GRIMs are much better than the Gappas were. Obey the GRIMs!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:19 pm | Permalink
  95. Miss Fiddler wrote:

    Aren’t Ms. Troff’s hat and ruffles a bit over the top for a properly sober and disciplined lady? I’m concerned about the impact that might cause on such a respectable institution!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:19 pm | Permalink
  96. Miss Muncher, the proper term is GRIM, General Response Information Managers, which you would know if you read all the manuals listed at the top of the page. Never make the mistake of confusing us with those Gappa persons, who were clearly an irresponsible, flighty lot. It is shameful the extent to which they have been contaminating you children with their toleration, nay, indulgence, of whimsy, eccentricity, and overt oddity. You should consider yourselves lucky that Studge Enterprises came along when it did.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:24 pm | Permalink
  97. Miss Beauchamp wrote:

    To the GRIMs of Filboid Studge:

    I must say, I was at first rather disappointed that the MuseBlog had been disbanded, as it has been an excellent source of entertainment for me. However, as I investigate further the excellent qualities of Filboid Studge, I’m quite impressed. Today’s youngsters are indeed missing that wonderful discipline of the good old days. To act graciously and chivalrously towards others, to be polite in all actions, and to be very silent – that was what we were taught. But just look at the children of today! Can you believe how loudly they laugh in public? Disgraceful! They move about in the most careless and rowdy way, and they make the most insinuating remarks! Utterly shameful!
    And so, I would simply like to end this comment by applauding the valiant efforts of Filboid Studge. I have utter and total faith that the brave GRIMs of Filboid Studge will succeed in their movement to properly educate our young and teach them the correct ways of interacting with society. I hope that someday, the students of Filboid Studge will become the shining stars of high society and that they will appreciate the hard work put into their education by the GRIMs.

    Sincerely yours,

    Miss Faye Beauchamp

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:27 pm | Permalink
  98. Alice wrote:

    96- Oh, yes, we are very lucky.

    April Fools!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:28 pm | Permalink
  99. Mr. Bookworm wrote:

    April Fools? A much outdated concept, Miss Alice.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:34 pm | Permalink
  100. Í߀ƒ wrote:

    We can’t talk about space? Or have cheese? Well, then…*dismounts from pogo stick* *returns instruments to their proper owners* *calmly and quietly walks to nearest general response and information manager* *slowly, politely, but firmly dings GRIM on head with mallet several times* *places mallet on table*

    94- Now, Mr. Bookworm, the proper term is “asterisks”, and I most certainly wouldn’t write such a large post and then voluntarily decide against it. No, it was our kind, dear General Response Information Managers that applied the HTML. And my name is IBCF, not ISSCF. Now, you drop this large chunk of cesium metal into this beaker of water and I’ll be on my way.

    April Fools! (;

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:36 pm | Permalink
  101. *folds hands primly on lap**purses lips*
    Ahem! I’m here! Oh. I am sorry. There will be no exclamation points anymore, as they are a symbol of excitement, a horrid forbidden thing. I beleive that exclamtion marks should be banned. They inject too much emotion into our comments.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:40 pm | Permalink
  102. kiwimuncher wrote:

    96) Well! Excusez-moi madame GRIM. *pushes dark sunglasses up my nose* J’adore le fromage. Je mange fromage maintenant. Je vous defie. J’ai un boume de fromage! *manger fromage*

    [Dommage, ma petite. Madame GRIM comprends le français. *effaces les phrases mauvaises*]

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:41 pm | Permalink
  103. Ms. Peace* wrote:

    Oh dear! (Whoops, sorry about the exclamation point)Can we not listen to music, dear GRIMS? *sniffles* What about my Beatles CDs? Wait, I have too much fun listening to them anyways.

    Ms. Lining, You spelled believe wrong. Please go to the detetion room and write I will not spell incorrectly 2,067 times, please. NOW!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:49 pm | Permalink
  104. Í߀ƒ wrote:

    Hmm, that’s strange. It appears that my previous message was colored gray and crossed out. Another unintentional application of HTML by one of our dear GRIMs, no doubt. Not to be presumptuous, but it almost appears that they are attempting to delete bits of my posts from memory. Well, if it can’t be helped it can’t be helped. Perhaps bolding my text will reduce some of the consequential eye strain…

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:51 pm | Permalink
  105. Alice wrote:

    Our Global Studies teacher has his students over for dinner sometimes, and they can bring a friend or family member, and L– got invited and asked me to come. And I said I would, and it’s tonight. Though I’m not exactly thrilled to the marrow with the prospect, I said I would go, so now it’s something of a social obligation and I don’t know how I could get out of it politely so I have to go when I’d much rather stay home. -sigh- How irritating.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:51 pm | Permalink
  106. Luna-50demerits/15FP wrote:

    102–Anyone care to translate? I believe we’re still talking about cheese….

    fromage=cheese, oui?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:53 pm | Permalink
  107. KaiYves (Orange!) wrote:

    How exactly does one reach the hidden threads? When I tried visiting the normal site from my History, I got redirected.

    Comprenden los GRIMS el espanol? Me gusta mucho la exploracion de espacio! Específicamente, me gusta los actividades de la estadounidense Nacional Administracion de Aerostación y Espacio, la Agencia Europea de Esepacio y la Agencia Japones de la Exploracion Aerospacio.

    Me gusta ver los transbordares espaciales con los astronautas y cosmonautas en los uniformes BRILLIANTES NARANJAS.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:03 pm | Permalink
  108. I cannot fathom why Studgers seem to think they are not allowed to discuss space exploration.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:06 pm | Permalink
  109. KaiYves (Orange!) wrote:

    Because it’s fun and exciting!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:08 pm | Permalink
  110. Agatha Phish (Aggie) wrote:

    108- Is it not because space travel is fun and frivolous, and has something to do with a manner of enjoyment? Because, if not, I will gladly explore a conversation about space travel with my fellow Musebloggers…erm, Studgers.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:09 pm | Permalink
  111. Brown Pan wrote:

    I’m doing history homework, and it is soberly-colored, indeed. “Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Shadow of War.” I don’t think you can get much more sober than that.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:10 pm | Permalink
  112. SBF (BAD) wrote:

    We think it’s fun.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:11 pm | Permalink
  113. Miss Lovegood (LtL) wrote:

    The hidden threads are gone. I believe perhaps they were not something supposed to be accessed? The line of bricks by the SSS thread was a link, which led to a page with an image of the bricks, and then an image of another style of bricks (also a link). There was a post box, as well. Each new image led to a new thread with a new image (and post box). But the link is gone now, and I cannot access it but through my history, and the GRIMs zapped the post I posted with the URL….

    This is good, however. Obviously such things were frivolous and pointless. They mustn’t be allowed to be accessed by us, or we might become wild, ill-mannered children. We must conform to the GRIMs desires. The GRIMs are ancient and wise. They know what is best for us, and have only our interests in mind.

    *whispers* See the welcome thread–we must convince the GRIMs we’ve been brainwashed, and then–when they least suspect it–rebel!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:12 pm | Permalink
  114. Piggy wrote:

    I believe I shall study Shakespeare’s The Tempest, make a pot of tea, and go to bed early. Ms. Troff, could you be so kind as to tell me what your opinion is concerning the preserving of reptilian animals?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:13 pm | Permalink
  115. Miss Tesseract wrote:

    113 – That does make some sense. Very well, I’ll go put on a uniform and find a straight-backed chair.
    [but I shall still rebel quietly from the shadows]

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:20 pm | Permalink
  116. Miss Lovegood (LtL) wrote:

    115–*whispers* very good, very good

    I would like to know our esteemed GRIMs views on such things as corsets. Are these something that young ladies such as myself, who are aspiring to be like Ms. Snorgwattle and Ms. Troff should possess? Or are they a frivolous, vain contraption that should be relegated to the rubbish bin?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:30 pm | Permalink
  117. Miss Kiki wrote:

    is talking about TV allowed on here? because i’m watching LOST and it’s super flamablamablous today. :D also Lie To Me was pretty good, too.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:39 pm | Permalink
  118. Miss Fiddler wrote:

    116~ I’d say it depends on the type of corset. If it’s the Victorian kind that is essential to the sorts of fashion our esteemed GRIMs keep, then I should assume that they’re are acceptable. As undergarments only, mind you!
    However, if you are reffering to the “modern” kind that promotes “cleavage” and shows rather a lot of skin I would say it’s most likely an emphatic NO.

    Well, I’m off. See you all tomorrow. It’s too late to be up anyway, 9:41!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:41 pm | Permalink
  119. Miss Lovegood (LtL) wrote:

    118–Yes, Miss Fiddler, I believe you are probably correct. I myself, however, have no fondness for corsets of any kind, having had the equivalent of one forced upon me at the tender age of eleven, for nearly four years.

    Yes, indeed. If my back brace I had to wear was anything at all like a proper corset, than I think they should all be destroyed, as they are most unpleasant. (I have scoliosis, and to prevent the curvature from getting worse, and possibly requiring surgery, I had to wear a back brace from the time the doctor’s discovered it til the time I stopped growing. It really wasn’t pleasant, 20 hours a day strapped into a plastic shell…but better than having to have surgery, as my mother had to when she was a teen, and later a corrective one a few years back….)

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:52 pm | Permalink
  120. Groundhog wrote:

    113 – That would explain why my attempts to find them were fruitless.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:52 pm | Permalink
  121. Red-tailed HAWK wrote:

    Good evening.

    Good evening, Miss Tesseract, Mr. Piggy, and of course, the wise and honorable GRIMs, Mr. Ekoeli Morgrool, Ms. Umbilica Snorgswattle, Mr. Fussel Swampworthy, and Ms. Fibula Troff.

    Indeed, the changes around here were certainly needed. Now I can complete this modest seven story stack of homework, mop the floors, wash all of the dirty dishes, and perhaps engage in completely calm and rational discussions with fellow Studgers over a hearty plate of brussels sprouts. The atmosphere here is very, well, atmospheric.

    Good work, GRIMs!

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:55 pm | Permalink
  122. The Man For Aeiou wrote:

    ATTA girl, fiddler! Corsets are not to be seen ,Kind of like children, only wiTH Ears not eyes!! there is no reason why you need To kEep tAlking. the gRims have all gOOd thinks under Most definite control.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:56 pm | Permalink
  123. Piggy wrote:

    Mr. Red-Tailed Hawk in Post Number One Hundred and Twenty-One: What sort of a plate of Brussels sprouts are you ingesting? I thought I heard you to say “hearty”, but surely you realise that hunger encourages study?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 8:59 pm | Permalink
  124. Miss Tesseract wrote:

    Good evening, Mr. HAWK. I am in complete agreement with you. Thanks to the changes implemented by the GRIMs, I was able to complete my homework at a reasonable hour and still have time to go rigorously practice my saxophone. It’s music, surely, but the piece I will be practicing is suitably solemn.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 9:00 pm | Permalink
  125. kiwimuncher wrote:

    *eats cheese* Cheese party! I think the GRIMS have failed to harden my mood. The cheese is making me jolly. *takes a bite of chevre*

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 9:19 pm | Permalink
  126. ATTENTION, Studgeophytes! As you know, Filboid Studge and Studge Academy operate on a principle of “early to bed, early to rise.” Consequently, this Web log will be going offline at 9:30 blog time tonight — slightly more than 10 minutes, by my calculations. Tomorrow you may expect a 5:30 a.m. reveille, followed by vigorous calisthenics, a bracing cold shower, and porridge in the refectory.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 9:20 pm | Permalink
  127. Miss Lovegood (LtL) wrote:

    My esteemed Mr. Morgrool, is that really necessary? I realize that you are a wise GRIM, and surely know what is best for us, but I’m not sure that shutting down at such an hour will really improve us any. If we cannot have access and moderation on such a venerated and respectable site as this, we may be forced to return to our old ways, getting up to naughty stuff like we did in the MuseBlog days.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 9:24 pm | Permalink